Monday, April 26, 2010

ICC10 heroic Guide - Marrowgar

Two weekends ago we killed the Lich King in our 10man. Last weekend we were working on heroics, and while I had found an excellent post on some guildforum that listed all the differences for each fight between normal and heroic, when I tried finding guides for each fight separately because I wanted some more details on the fights, I couldn't find any specifics.

Of course wowwiki has some stuff, and of course there are all sorts of pretty videos out there, but what I wanted was just a simple overview of how many healers needed, and what to check for. Not the whole kaboom, and definitely not a 10minute video. (though they're pretty to watch, and definitely a good idea beforhand, not very handy while you're standing in the dungeon and just want to look something up quickly).

Soooo...instead of getting grumpy about it, I figured I would just write up guides and take notes of our own experiences. They may be of help to others, and if not, at least I can go back to them for our own 10man.
Setup we used:
- 2 tanks
- 3 healers (normal we use 2)
- 5 dps (normal we use 6)

Differences between normal and heroic
Bone Spikes continue during Bone Storm.
- Marrowgar has more health
- All damage done is increased
- Cold Flame happens more often

We set up at the door, and had the tanks pick him up at the door after each bone storm. It is really important to kill the bone spikes since marrowgar whirling on top of someone spiked with fire underneath them is only healable for so long.

More healing is needed, and a bit more dps is nice. Other than that you can still stand in his hitbox to avoid the fire while he's being tanked.

There is a change for the tanks however. Since the fire comes more often you will find that you need 3 positions and left-right-left-right won't work. So it will be more of a left - middle - right - left - middle - right.

Because this means that he is turning slightly more, the dps and healers do have to be careful not to be standing in his front arc, since this is as lethal on heroic as it is on normal.

We one-shot him. If you killed LK on normal, you should be able to do this one on heroic. Good luck!

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  1. I do find it a little surprising how poor most of the guides out there are. Stuff like "oh yeah, the cloud buff actually kills you" on valithria .. would have been good to know ahead of time ..