Friday, April 16, 2010

Best Quests in Wrath

During our battle against Lich King himself we were discussing quests on vent the other day. And we came to mentioning the quests we thought were best in Wrath of the Lich King and which quests we hope to see more off, or at least similar to in Cataclysm.

Soooo, I figured I would give you the three quests I thought were most fun/best designed, and then open up the discussion to my readers. I mean what better time to see if our voices can be heard then while they're still working on it, right? :)
Number 3:
The quests at Shadow Vault, particularly the quests that involve becoming a gheist.

This is a looooong quest line, and you have to do quite some quests to get to it, but I have to say, I loved jumping around with that gheist. One massive, massive bad thing in Icecrown is all the phasing though. And when you get to the end of certain quest lines you come to quests you cannot possibly do on your own, and while your friends are all in a different phase you're looking at a quest mob that scares the heck out of you x_X

Number 2:
The DK starting area.

As a whole I thought the DK starting area was well thought out, and the quests were a lot of fun, and brought a great story. I've actually restarted the DK several times since I just really loved the starting quests. Funny enough once I reached hellfire peninsula I kept losing interest.

I now have a DK at lvl 61 who has a mount (that way I had a threshhold to not wipe her clean again), but sometimes I still go to a different server and just fiddle through the starting quests of the DKs...

Number 1:
The dragonwastes questline.

It has to be the best quest line ever, and such an epic ending. Running around in undercity with two heroic NPCs granting you buffs, taking numbers of the chart. And the movie...I wouldn't want it on every questline end, but woah, gimme more!

Quest that should've been a daily, but for some reason isn't:
The Hyldsmeet

I loved, absolutely loved this quest. Even on my hunter I was looking forward to this one. And while I did it the first time on my priest I kept hoping this would become a daily, but unfortunately it didn't :(

So yeah, there I cheated, I mentioned 4 questlines, but hey, this is my blog, so I'm allowed to cheat!

Howbout you, what were your favourite quests in Wrath? Or maybe you had quests you absolutely hated..

One thing I think we can all bet on is that there will be more poop quests in Cataclysm x_X


  1. Actually, that Hyldsmeet one is a daily, but the daily changes every day. Sometimes you battle on Polar bears, sometimes just one on one duels, sometimes you tag lazy men, etc. Check out what Gretta has to offer you!

  2. I enjoy quests that explore the lore of the game. My favorite overall questline would be the Wrathgate. I enjoyed the quests themselves, but the ending cinematic was so surprising and so well-done that it has stayed with me time and time again as I continued fighting the Scourge across Northrend. Right up to the very end when you defeat the Lich King and see the conclusion.

    My second favorite (and only b/c it lacks a cinematic and a surprise twist) is the Shadowmourne questline. Entering Frostmourne Caverns and defeating the Lich King's Army of the Dead was epic enough, but to have him whisper taunts to you as you struggle against his lieutenants in Icecrown Citadel is truly an immersive element. Somehow, Blizzard always finds small touches like this to keep Warcraft ahead of the competition and keep me interested for months to come.

  3. I would have to say my favorite quest line is the Winterfin murloc series in Borean Tundra. "Oh Noes, the Tadpoles!" should have been a daily, imho.

  4. The quest chain with the murlocs on Borean Tundra is my absolute favorite. I wish that herding murloc tadpoles was a daily!

  5. Miss Medicina: unfortunately the one with the flying and the harpooning did not become one of those dailies :(