Friday, January 8, 2010

Mandatory Authenticator is reporting that it might finally happen; a mandatory authenticator. I say finally because I seriously don't understand how it could've taken this long. We still have people in my guild who get hacked, in fact our guildbank got cleaned out partially a week ago due to someone not having an authenticator. And luckily the people with more access do all have authenticators, but too many are still going without.

And really guys it's not that hard, and not that expensive. You get a nice pet along with it, just go get one of those things, you'll have to in the future anyways!

And oh...don't expect me to feel too sorry for you if you get hacked and it turns out you didn't have one...sucker.


  1. I'd have even less sympathy for anyone who got hacked and owns an iPhone or similar device, now that there is an authenticator for more of them, and at least on the iPhone and iPod Touch, it's free. Getting 99.99% of the way to unhackable for free is pretty nice.

  2. Yeah, these days there is little excuse to not have one.