Saturday, January 9, 2010

About LFD - Looking for Dungeon

The blogosphere is buzzing with posts about the new LFD system. About bad pugs, bad experiences, and just general asses all around.

I've had my fair share of bad pugs myself, though funny enough the worst so far was a hunter that we invited for a raid and not at all through LFD, but that LFD system can only be as good as the people who queue up was a given.

I would like to stick a reminder out there to all you people who are complaining about the bad don't have to use it.

PPI compared it with porn, no intimacy, elsewhere I've seen things about the silence that often comes with these pugs. Nobody speaks, nobody says anything until the dungeon is done, you get a quick 'Ty' and poof, people are gone again.

This too can be partly you. If you start a conversation, people will often follow. People will chat, and people are more than willing to say hello. But hey, why look at your own behaviour if it's so much easier to look at someone else's, right?

Wrong. If you don't like LFD, don't use it. Please don't run off with it, do 10 dungeons a day, and then complain about how bad it is. There is still the option to simply go run with your friends. And if they're not on, go read a book.


  1. 'If you start a conversation, people will often follow." So true. People don't want to be silent. Well, not always. Let's figure bloggers aren't some strange, super-talkative subspecies (or perhaps we are!), we want to talk a bit, would not others as well?

  2. I was told that I was wrong, so I went out and tested it. So far every pug has been chatty just as long as someone (me in this case) starts chatting.

  3. Just like in real life .. someone has to break the ice.

  4. Complaining is fine, pucblishing as if stuff is fact instead of opinion...I always find that a bit ... But hey, you did just give me a great topic to write my post for today on, so stay posted ;)

  5. I actually love the new system. You no longer have to try to throw together a group of people for the daily heroic and have to worry about people having done it already, etc.

    The only thing I wish they would add to it is the ability to flag a couple dungeons you prefer or the ability to choose one or two that you dislike. This wouldn't guarantee that you would or would not get that instance, just the odds.