Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Class Links for PVE - Patch 3.3

I've been playing 4 different characters at 80, it's so nice to gear up at the moment, and LFD makes it so much easier. Especially since I have my very own pocket tank along with me most of the time. But what I did find is that I like fiddling around with specs, figure out what works best for me.

Every time that I start fiddling around I go to elitist jerks to find which spec is recommended, or if I can't find it there I have to search further. It got me thinking that I might not be the only one having to look all over the place to find information, so I figured I would collect some links here for ease of reference. Most of these pages will lead to guides on EJ, since those are generally really nice overviews, but for some I've found others that I liked better.

Remember these links all go to overview pages. Information for when you just start on a new class and wish some quick information on it. For in depth information on specific talents or specs I would suggest to take a stroll around the interwebzz and find more specialized blogs or sites.

Holy and Disc Priest 
Shadow Priest

Cat Druid
Bear Druid
Tree Druid

DK - Frost DPS
DK - Unholy DPS
DK - Blood DPS
DK - DW-tanking
DK - Tanking

Hunter - Marksman
Hunter - Survival
Hunter - Beastmaster

Paladin - Protection
Paladin - Retribution
Paladin - Holy

Warlock - Destruction
Warlock - Affliction
Warlock - Demonology

Shaman - Resto
Shaman - Enhance
Shaman - Elemental

Mage - Arcane

Mage - Fire

Rogue - Yes, they somehow stuck it into one post

Warrior - Protection
Warrior - Fury

Tanking for Beginners - Not a class guide, but I found it to be useful anyways

And if you still don't know what to do, just do what everybody else does. You can find that on WoWPopular, a site that keeps track of what the most used talents/gems/potions, etc are by class. 

If you have a better link for one of the classes/specs above, or you feel I'm missing really important links, let me know :)

Edit: I was told this link was an even better one for Fury Warriors


  1. I've found that ShadowPriest.com is wonderful for Shadow Priests, and Warlock's Den (womb.net) is healthy for Warlocks as starter forums. DKs should look at Deathknight.info.

    cheers TyphoonAndrew

  2. Sharing popular talent specs is always a good idea :) Thanks!