Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DPSing fistweavers holy batman!

Assuming you’re talking about fistweaving, that’s always been the intention (and always been the case). Fistweaving is an alternative that provides less HPS in exchange for very significant DPS.

Think about it like this:

Holy priest / Mistweaving monk: 100% healing
Combat rogue / Windwalker monk: 100% DPS
Atonement priest / Fistweaving monk: 50% DPS AND 50% healing at the same time

This is from the patch notes.

So if I translate this:

Holy Priest / Mistweaving monk: 60.000 hps
Combat rogue / Windwalker monk: 70.000 dps
Atonement priest / fistweaveing monk: 30.000 hps + 35.000 dps

I like the theory, but have never been able to do what Blizz is saying here. What I have seen is that I'm not capable of doing half the dps a normal dps is doing, mostly due to mana issues, because in short fights I do see the numbers sometimes. But I have also never seen myself do half the hps I can do without the fistweaving.

Wondering if what they say here will happen in patch 5.2.


  1. Old post but I thought I'd mention that the few times I've done LFR as Atonement (in low-mid 460s gear) I've been mid-pack dps, 7-11, usually in the 35-40K range and 1-2 in hps at about the same 35K. With that gear, dps is generally capped out single-target at about twice that so at least in that case, it holds. I also glyphed for Atonement (all pre-5.2... so instant Holy Fire, +20% damage for Smite with Holy Fire up), if I didn't that might impact the dps quite a bit. So, I feel that for Atonement at least the dps+hps numbers work out and I'm somewhat convinced I actually do more hps as Atonement, and probably BETTER hps, since Atonement has faster reflexes than I do. So, more hps and significant free dps... what's not to like? I'd love to see an LFR group with all Atonement healers who are good at the Atonement dps-only rotation (ie. no shields, no PoM, etc)... bet the health bars would barely even twitch.

    My VERY limited experiences with fistweaver involved lower dps and much frustration compared to what I was expecting, although a lot of that is similar pain to what every melee feels... constantly running out of melee, having to constantly re-position behind mobs, target switching fights where the targets are MILES apart, etc. It's possible that on a Patchwerk-style stand-and-hit fight it would be similar to Atonement, I just don't think it's at that level even then.

    I don't want to talk about the dps that my resto druid can do... I realize they aren't intended to be at all viable from a dps perspective and they get no Atonement-style healing from it but with all that spell power you'd think that Wrath would hit for more than it does. If anything, you'd think that dps without a smart healing component would be HIGHER dps than an Atonement-style healer. Alright, maybe I'll talk about it a bit. 8K on a GOOD day with Moonfire and Wrath.

    My holy pally also does crappy dps compared to my priest but at least it contributes a bit. Might even be able to quest that way, although it wouldn't be much fun. 15-20K for that.

    I can't comment on resto shammy dps, haven't had a resto spec on him since ICC. Plus, Elemental + Conductivity makes for some surprisingly good group healing for a dps spec, that might be the better healing/dps combo for a shammy than resto. Healing Rain is mana-intensive, though, not sure how long you could do it for.

  2. Currently when I dps on trash I generally end up in the top 5 in LFR, doing around 130K dps. This is pretty on trash, but my mana pool simply cannot handle it on bosses to do pure dps plus being in a 10man with only 2 healers, fistweaver would not manage to do the healing output needed.

    Still pretty in dungeons and on trash though ^_^

  3. I think Fistweaving is cool in some fights, my gear is 517 and I do 90k dps at dummy with full spirit gear. I currently use Fistweaving during some phase of first 2 bosses couse of damage increase, at tortos, ji-kun and dark animus. I can reach 120k at pull but I end fights generally at 80k dps and 50-60k healing (couse of healing CD spam and Surging Mist proc). I always got more mana than I needed so I was thinking to change trinkets and use like Blossom of the Pure Snow and stuffs like that. BTW I suggest you dont't use it in HC raids couse everyone will blame you at every wipe, it happens to me even if I'm GM of my guild ahahah
    Drunky @ Well of Eternity EU

  4. hehe, yeah, I can imagine how they would see that, lol.

    But yeah, I am not at that gear level yet, my gear is 506 now and on some of the trash packs I pull 110K dps, funfun ^_^