Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Icecrown Citadel - nomnom

What a brilliant patch 3.3 is turning out to be. Maybe the biggest thing is the LFD thing they stuck in, but I have to say that so far I've liked a fair few other changes a lot as well.

Just this morning I sent my horde shammie account bound items so that she can dungeon her way up to 80, and she's also gotten the heirloom flying book. My warlock has pretty Hodir shoulder enchant. And my priest is slowly gathering Frost Emblems, I think she'll get the cloak first.

But lets do one thing at a time...
Icecrown Citadel

We've beaten all bosses on 10, and I have to say that the nerf to Marrowgar on 10 came rather unexpectedly. We duo healed it, and now he was supposedly hitting too hard? Odd stuffs, but oh well.

In fact the encounter we had most difficulty with was the boat. Which, being a very gimmicky fight, was of course full of all types of bugs. I've had my rockets fail to work, one of my team mates jumped on the enemy boat as it went down and lost his loot rights, and of course the boat not docking was rather interesting as well. Lets hope that the fixes have worked, and that we will actually be allowed off the boat this coming weekend.

In our 25 Pugtastic raid we managed to down the first 3 bosses, but Saurfang has so far escaped us. We need to manage the blood power points he gains better so that we have less people with marks. Our dps also needs to step up a little, and should't forget to actually...well you know dps.

It seems they start kiting those bloodbeasts and forget that they should also do damage on the boss. A lot even. So that we actually manage to kill him before we become unhealable.

But hey...we will get them down the coming weekend. If we actually get enough players of course, the holiday boss is coming after all.

LFD - Looking For Dungeon

So far this feature is turning out pretty darn cool. And I have to say that even the worst pugs we've had, have been doable, just because Thror and myself are normally so well geared.

I think so far the worst performances I've seen have been from a disc priest who didn't cast a single Power Word Shield (wth is up with a lot of these disc priests, it's your number 1 spell dangit!), and a hunter who managed a whipping 550 dps. Yes, I as the healer was outdpsing this a wide margin.

Other than this what the tool has done is make it even more apparent that healers and tanks are in short supply since you will get a group about 5 times as fast if you sign up with a healer or tank, than when you sign up with dps.

Apparently it's tanks even that are the hardest to find. I still feel this is because of the number disparity in raids. Needing only 3 tanks in a 25 makes it so few people will want to be a main spec tank. Not that you can't make it happen with more (we sometimes have 6 or 7 tanks in Pugtastic, as long as they have dual spec), but I can imagine that being a MS tank and not being able to raid rather sucks. We need them for dungeons, but when it comes to raiding we have to sit 40%...bad design.

But hey, different subject..

Account Bound

This morning I sent my troll shammie her heirloom items, and her cold weather flying book. Finally I can send account bound items cross faction! She will dungeon her way to 80, and wether she stays a troll or no, it'll be fun, woot!.

And she'll be happily flapping around. I might just give her dual spec as well so that she can heal dungeons, but we'll see about that. 

What I do find a shame is that the fishing contest is at a time that as someone from the EU playing on USA servers will never be able to go to. But hey, maybe it's not too bad.

Non WoW

So it's been a bit busy, and I doubt it will get less busy. Not planning to stop blogging, but when I don't get around to it, or don't feel like it...tant pis.

It's also my birthday tomorrow, yay! And my mom had the brilliant idea of going to see The Avatar in 3d. So woot, that's what I'll be doing tomorrow. This weekend it's time for another festival, Thror and I will celebrate winter solstice at the Celtic midwinter festival.and I'm looking forward to that too. So we'll see if I get to writing, and to some other things I have planned for the holidays. Laters!

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