Friday, October 28, 2011

Kick more noob!

Frustration on.

I just came out of a dungeon that I stepped into on my own as a tank, so I would not have to wait for a queue and hey they bag would be nice too.

But this group suuuuuucked. First healer DCed, second left in the middle of the fight, and the third healer left when we finally reached the last boss.

Granted, the dps was shite, and on top of that they blamed the healer for getting killed by the spirits, but I wanted my bag. But for one small moment I didn't think and figured that I would invite a guildie to help this group finish the instance.

Never thought about the fact that Blizzard policy is to punish for the fact that you invite a friend. No bag.

I think there is something seriously wrong with a system that rewards for kicking players, and punishes the fact that you find a friend to finish what was a trialing run already anyways.

You hear me Blizz? is wrong to motivate people to skip their guildies in favour of a bag. It shouldn't matter how many pug slots there are in the group, if there is at least 1 pug slot that bag should be rewarded.

And the fact that my guildie who stepped in to help finish didn't even get the valor points because for him it wasn't random is completely dumb too. Yeah, right, better off doing this on your own and ignore friends and guildies, because that is what Blizzard rewards.


Kay, frustration out.


  1. I agree that there are many, many problems with the LFD system, kick votes, poor reward design, and a push towards treating players like NPCs being among the top.

    However, taking away a bonus is not the same as receiving a punishment. Sure, it sucks that you didn't get the bonus after you worked through a dungeon with terrible dps, but still, it's not punishment.

    I find it worse that your guildie got nothing out of lending a hand; I think the valor points should be rewarded in pieces instead of a lump sum; there's no reason each boss couldn't drop a percentage, with the last boss dropping a heftier amount, but that's the bad design, again.

    I also completely agree that it's wrong for Blizz to promote solo play over playing with your friends, which is one of the major draws of an MMO. I play with my wife primarily, who is a healer, but if I queue with her - even though we're providing the two most valuable roles (sorry, dps), we get nothing for it. So on that point, I wholeheartedly agree.

    As for kick votes, I don't feel they're useful enough. For one, the kicked (I believe), isn't told why they were kicked, so there's no learning involved, just punishment. Secondly, using the VtK option makes your ability to use it weaker, so you can only use it in "worst case" scenarios or risk not being able to use it. That means that you do have to suffer all the little jerks without a tool to "police the community," which Blizz claims they want us to do.

    There's a lot of broken parts that can suck some of the fun out of the game, but, lesson learned. Play with your friends, have a good time, and bribe bag be damned!

  2. @ShyAtWow
    Completely agreed about the goodie bag and how blizzard discourages bringing in guildies.

    Blizzard responded about vote to kick rationale not being displayed to the kicked player.
    It's because 92.395% of the time the kick rationale is something like "l2play n00b" or "sucks."

    I try to save my vote to kick for jerks, not bads. It's also useful for getting rid of people who disconnect either because of connection issues or because of ragequitting (kicking d/c players this should not increase your vtk duration, imo). By the time I vote to kick someone, it's clear to everyone why I'm voting to kick, so the rationale isn't a mystery.


  3. I have not touched the old heroics much since the patch came out, but this week we have a couple of fresh 85s and I will be going there... I have been hearing that they are pretty crappy so it might be a good idea to load up on guildies instead of straight pugs for this.