Friday, July 23, 2010

About Wannabees and the Real Deal

Of course while I go and enjoy a quiet holiday in Spain, Blizzard decides to release new talent trees. And while I did look at them, and have by now (am back home) played with them a little, I can simply not believe that they're done. Soooo....I will not speak about them yet, though when they do feel, uhm, more done, I will definitely give them a good poke.

What I did want to talk about today is that I've noticed several times in beta that dungeon groups fall apart after the first wipe. The fact that there are people who are cut out to face new content, and those who are not. People who decide to leave after one wipe on the new content, and people who stay and face the challenge.

People, boys and girls, wow players united, wiping is part of learning new content. 

If you come into new content you're guaranteed to make mistakes. In fact, I wouldn't even call them mistakes, they're just things that happen because you do NOT know what is coming. And I for one find this very exciting. To not know what is coming that is.

The first time in a raid with a new boss is exciting. Because even though I've most likely read up on the fight, and even though I've probably seen video's I am there myself for the first time to experience what those brilliant Blizzard designers have set up for us. And I find it exhilarating. And if we wipe, it only makes me more determined to beat it the next time.

And no, I am totally not the type of person who likes beating her head against the wall, and as a raidleader I normally take up the job of saying that it has been enough for that day. But I do like a challenge, and I will go back after carefully redevising the strategy.

A different story is wiping on farm content. I'm also realistic, and I very much know how there are people in the game who are simply not made for raiding. In fact, these are the people who themselves not even want to raid, they often just want to hang out with their friends. "The cool people". And without wanting/able to do the work that comes with becoming a raider. These people should be spoken to and asked to reconsider if raiding is really for them.

And really....if you decide to leave after one wipe because you're in new content. I would consider you to be part that group of poeple who should be spoken to. You will never be a raider. You're the person who everybody likes, but secretly wishes would get the hell out of their raid, because you're holding up the rest.

Raiding is not for everybody. It takes a certain mentality, and it takes certain stamina to do so. It takes sacrifices. You will have to give up time, precious time, to become better.

And when you're weighing your decisions to become a raider, you might want to try and forget that your friends are raiders. Because while the members of your raid group are very likely to become good friends, they cannot raid for you.

YOU have to be a raider. And if YOU cannot/will not/refuse to do the work, all you end up with is a group of very disappointed people. In fact you might even lose friends through this.

I mean, think about it. If you're friend has a knack for baseball and is 2.20m tall, it doesn't mean that you should go play the same game with your 1.55m, right? No, you would find a game that is more suitable, and meet your tall friend for a bear afterwards.

Well, raiding is the same. Do not pretend to be a raider while you're not cut from the right wood. If levelling is your thing, go level 20 characters to 80, and meet up with your raider friends after the raid to have a relaxed chat while hanging out in Dalaran.

Stick to your true self, and do what you do best. There is no shame in being the person with 20 level 80 characters on your server or being that person who has every trade skill leveled to max, or just playing the AH a lot. There is nothing wrong with not being a raider.

There is no rule somewhere that says that you have to raid if you play World of Warcraft. 

So stick to what you do best. And be the Real Deal, don't be a wannabee and make the game less fun for others, and yourself.


  1. Amen!
    I probably will never be a raider, and I accept that. I catch on quickly to what I'm supposed to do, but I just can't commit to a solid block of time on a certain toon.

    But I admire those who do, and that don't give up after wipes that make you want to physically injure the designers that thought up those fights.

  2. And you hit the nail on the head...see I thank the designers on my knees that they come up with those fights time and time again ;)

  3. Wiping is part of learning new content

    Amen! The funny thing I've noticed is that—when you're actually learning a new fight, like, really seeing it for the first time, wiping is actually kind of fun in a perverse way. Oh, nobody likes to have to run back and repair and reset and rebuff and all that, but the sheer energy of facing a new encounter, and trying your best to keep balance when it all goes wrong—that's a blast! Some of our most fun moments in raid have come from failing miserably on encounters we had no idea how to tackle.

    Wiping is a lot less fun when you're trying to grind away at some "approved strategy" where everyone has to be in thus-and-such spot at such-and-such time, doing some well-known and well-understood thing. A wipe when you're doing that is just plain frustrating—you're not learning something new, you're just refining your dance steps. Sure, it's still nice to get better, but it's nothing like the excitement of real progression.

    Stick to your true self, and do what you do best.

    That's the best advice! :)