Sunday, July 25, 2010

ICC10 heroic Guide - Festergut & Rotface

Our 10man downed Syndi on heroic and got the achievement on Arthas, and I realize that I'm still one of the relatively few lucky people who even get to do that type of content. I also realize that I'm very behind on the heroic guides so I'll be doing two today. After the break, Festergut and Rotface.


- 2 tanks
- 2 or 3 healers
- 5 or 6 dps

Differences between normal and heroic:
- On heroic there are malleable goos being thrown from Putricide's balcony
- The goo does damage on impact, but also slows your casting/attack speed, best not get hit
- More damage, more health

Have as many people at range as you can. It is easier to be spread out as ranged, and while you don't have to be spread out for the malleable goo, it is easier for one person to run than it is for a group of people.

Have your melee stand on the right leg, and then all can move to the left leg when the malleable goo comes in.

Have your best geared tank go second. The second tank will be tanking during the unloading of blight, and this simply make it easier for heals.

The malleable goo is hard to see, try to keep an eye on the timer. When the goo is supposed to come keep a close eye on the ground. Whereever the goo will be dropped you can see a green puddle on the floor beforehand, but it is fairly hard to see through the orange haze.

Overall this fight is not too hard, and if you're no longer having problems on normal, you won't have too many problems on heroic.


- 2 tanks
- 2 or 3 healers
- 5 or 6 dps

Differences between heroic and normal
- On heroic there will be vile gas thrown out from Putricide's balcony
- The vile gas makes that you cannot move, but you can still cast
- The green ooze flow will apply a slowing debuff that stacks
- More health, more damage

Set this up as normal, but with an eye on the timer of the vile gas. Make sure to be standing 8 yards apart when the vile gas comes, and don't stand in the way of the big ooze.

When the vile gas comes you want to have at least 3 people at range, otherwise you have a chance that it drops in the melee.

When you're tanking the oozes try to avoid running through the ooze floods as much as possible, if you do get stuck ask for a hand of freedom. (if you have those).

Like Festergut, if you can do him easily on normal, you can do him on heroic.

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  1. On Festergut I would make one comment, not too important and somewhat more significant on 25 heroic: if the melee split between the two legs of the boss, only half of them have to move when a goo gets thrown on melee; also, the density of people on each leg is a little less, making it a tad less challenging to see the green puddle ahead of time among the clutter of toons. The important thing is that everyone in melee be all the way on one side or the other. A goo in the middle will hit everyone in melee.

    Another thing I have seen multiple times is that a goo will target right at the spot where ranged is gathered for a spore. THE PERSON WITH THE SPORE NEEDS TO MOVE OR NOBODY CAN MOVE. Awareness, as usual.