Friday, February 19, 2010

LFM totc10, link achievement, gear check at fountain, pst

The exact title is what the druid was saying on my EU server Argent Dawn. I was fiddling around with my lvl 33 troll hunter, doing some auctions, and I had seen the line a couple of times already. So I figured, what the heck, why not. My priest isn't the best geared ever, but a normal ToC10 should be very doable anyway.

So I whisper the druid (Doodz, in case you were wondering) and I explain that I know what I'm doing and that if he/she (no idea, it was a tree) should check my USA priest if they wanted proof.
My explanation was ignored completely, I get told to switch and send a tell when I'm at the fountain. I shrug, figuring he would check while I was switching or something.

I arrive at the fountain, he takes one look, goes 'Woah, your gear is too low' and says nothing else. 

Now, I know that I could easily heal this instance..which I told this person as well, asking him again to check my USA priest. I get completely ignored, and he just sends another line into trade chat.

It made me realize that most people seem to forget where they come from. The gear on my priest is about the level that everybody was at (some ridiculous exceptions of course) when they started ToC10. Granted, she has a blue helmet, but her 3 pieces 232 gear should easily make up for this.

And even though I didn't have the gear, I have a wealth of experience behind me that tells me that I could more than easily have healed this instance.

I guess most people really just want to leave the early days behind and get to outgearing the instance as soon as possible, so that they can start whining about how boring the game is, and that the content isn't challenging enough.

News Flash!! If you insist on only bringing people who have gear 2 levels higher than the instance you're currently doing, it will be boring.

I would've out-healed that druid. Not because of my gear, but because of the fact that through my shields his hots would not have done much, and because I have the skill to get the most out of the gear I have.

But I guess he didn't know. Didn't care to find out either, just cared about not wiping. Which he feared would happen if he brought me.

Which in turn comes from people who have no idea how to play, insisting on wanting to raid. And I tell you what, those people should be prevented from raiding.

Gate it. Just make sure that these people cannot go raiding in the latest content until they have raid experience on at least a couple of raids. Even if it's from different characters.

Make it so people with zero raid experience cannot just jump into the higher end raids. Make it so they at least have to run Naxx twice. Not for the gear, gear can be gotten through badges. No, for the experience.

Either that, or just kick them all from the game, because I'm convinced that if people were taught through the game how to act in raid circumstances, or at least be forced to experience it a little before they would be allowed to jump into the higher raids, people like Doodz would've been a lot happier to give others a chance.

Of course, it's always possible that Doodz was just an idiot, and I'm just being an idealist....

One thing I realized though...people who give other people chances are rare, very rare.


  1. I hear ya. There are sensibile people in the game, I know a few, but not enough. You're not an idealist, you just know what you're talking about. I saw in trade chat just yesterday someone requiring a gear score suitable for ICC in order to get a whiff of TotC. What a joke! You're right, people do forget that when TotC opened we were all in Ulduar gear. We made it through just fine in that gear, so the only reason to demand better gear is to OP the place, which makes it little more than a heroic run.

    /screams in frustration

    Oh yes, I'm hear ya!

  2. Well, I wouldn't go so far to say that I love wiping...but I certainly think it's part of a learning process. And if you have people with skill, gear is far less important.

    Not an excuse to not get your gear in order, but still, far less important.