Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Where are you now?

Patch 5.2 Release Date
More interestingly, what do you think would be a good date to launch 5.2?

Do you think the majority of players are already “finished” with the current content? Where do you think most players stand in terms of PvE and PvP progress right now?
What rules do you think we should follow when deciding to launch new content? 
Should it be a fixed linear time cycle? (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

I copied this from MMO-Champion, and funny enough it kept the style...

So where are you now?

Where am I?

Well, I am currently finishing off Shado-Pan rep. I am 2/3 through revered with them. I am also finishing off August Celestials, I am a sliver away from Revered with them.

Raiding wise we have killed the first four bosses from Heart of Fear and were closing in on the kill on Amber Shaper.

Gearwise...well, we have been incredibly unlucky with the leather spirit drops, but our raid has their gear somewhat behind what we're beating, because I'm not the only one who has not finished their reps.

Valor points? I have now reached the valor cap 5 times since MoP went live! But then again, we were talking about this during raid last week and one of our shamans said he had reached it a whole total of once.

Legendary quest? I am 2200/6000 or so. I have a 500 int gem in my bags which is rather useless since I have no weapon to stick it in (not a usefull weapon at least, I did get the staff without spirit twice already in LFR).

Pet Battles, I have several pets at level 25, and am 2/4 on the Spirit Tamer quest.

Alts? yah...not nearly as far as I would wish to be, mostly because I keep feeling guilty if I spend time on an alt while I could finish of reps on my main.

Challenge Modes? We've completed 1 challenge mode and got no medals for it. Luckily I find the gear monks get ridiculously ugly, so I only have to get silver to get the mount. But yeah, somewhere I would love to find time to do some of this.

I have done the scenarios all once at least, but since I don't have time I am nowhere near tired of them. I am somewhat done with dungeons though since it doesn't seem to matter how much time I put in there, I seem to get the wrong ones anyways.

Oh yah...I am also allowed to go into Black Temple for transmog gear now, and got myself brutally murdered by the heads boss (reliquary), the rest is fairly easily doable solo.

So all in all I am nowhere near done with this patch

Yet, people are asking about patch 5.2. I am personally hoping that it will not be there for a bit still. I have accomplished quite a bit if I put it all in a row, but specifically the alts part is something that I would love to find some time for before I have to get back to grinding on the main again.

And I would love to have at least cleared all the normals before the next patch. Terrace is a few weeks away and I am looking forward to this instance. I find it incredibly pretty in LFR and the fights seem like they will be a fun challenge.

And I'm not even looking much at the achievements...

I guess FP's other group is looking at achievements...cause this was not our 10man...sounds fun, lol. 

So like all the Panda's say, Blizz:  'Slow Down.'

I am in no hurry to have a new patch already. I would only feel way behind again. (and we're 14th on the server on 10man progression...I think there might be more people who are not done yet).

How about you?


  1. Where am I? Let's see....

    Two level 90s. Several more in the 86-89 range.

    Haven't raided. Neither of my 90s is LFR ready. Haven't done all of the 5-man content yet. Have run most of the scenarios.

    Tillers at Exalted. Anglers, Klaxxi, and Golden Lotus at Revered. Working on Shado-Pan currently. Haven't started the 5.1 faction yet.

    86% of the pet battle achievements completed, including Pro Pet Mob.

    All professions at 600. Made about 300k on the AH, much of which got spent on pets and mounts for the missus.

    Fair to say that I took "Slow down" to heart.

  2. Three level 90s, GL one day off exalted, the others a short way behind, no raiding save LFR (but only with Nyx - my other alts are... I don't actually know what my other alts are doing). In short I am the most casual I have ever been. It's mostly down to guild death on low-pop server and all those reps. I find them incredibly demotivating for focused solo play, and I can't really plough on with what I have without a guild.

    I'm hoping 5.2 takes a little while too, because I've resolved to gear up properly and try to find a raiding guild before it drops. Claiming to play a monk when I've not actually tried her in a raid feels pretty false.