Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Get rid of the gear check

I was reading a topic in the forums (oh my god!) yes, I was bored, so what!?

This topic was all about how this dude got vote kicked in the most brutal way, and how he thought that vote kick should be removed.

His main reasoning was that people should not be allowed to vote kick for under performing players.

I disagree...well of course. Way too many people who are disgustingly rude in LFR, and who come in just to spoil the fun for others.

So here's my idea to make this better.

Get rid of the item level check, and put in a performance check instead.

Based on performance levels set by Blizzard you earn the right to loot. And if your performance was bad you don't get loot-locked to the boss and get to try again later. (this would also work perfectly for DCed players btw)

LFR is meant to learn the fights, but a lot of these people aren't learning or willing to learn. They come in and ride along for the loot. That should be finished. Give them second chances, but don't give them the reward until they've earned it.

Better yet, they have to prove through certain content that they can handle the raid. Have them go into a solo dungeon (NPCs for the rest of the group) and if they do not make it until the end because they screwed up too heavily they are not allowed to queue for LFR.

They should learn, not get kicked without reasoning, explanation, or whatever. These people can be valuable raiders for your core raid later on. That is...if they're willing to put the time in.

Right now they're walking off with loot that was earned for them by others who do know what to do.

Just a random thought...


  1. Interesting idea. I wonder what the minimums would be for dps, healers, and tanks. How would you set them? threat per second? Activity? dps or overall damage? Hps or overhealing?

  2. I disagree.

    "LFR is meant to learn the fights, but a lot of these people aren't learning or willing to learn."

    Blizz has said on multiple occassions what LFR be there fer ta give non-raiders a chance fer ta see what they's missin', and mebbe decide what they wants ta try real raidin'. They ain't never said what it was there fer raiders ta learn the fights, onlies what they's free ta do so. And they keep the rewards sweet, fer ta tempt regular raiders, same as with 5-mans.

    Raiders be swimmin' in the little kiddies' pool with LFR. Sayin' the little kiddies gotta play up ta raiders' standards if'n they wants loot is gonna fall on deaf ears. Is already a system fer raiders ta get loot without havin' ta roll against thems what ain't half as good - Blizz calls it "normal mode."

  3. Yah, but some of these people are too little for the little kiddies pool unfortunately :(

    Too little, too lazy to actually stand up..whatever you want to call it, but if you cannot pull your weight, and I'm not talking about severe checks here. I'm talking about healers having no idea what to do. Tanks thinking that taunt means that you pick it up when the other tank dies, and dps that has no idea what their main shots are...

    These are the people who drown in the little kiddies pool and who should not be there to muddy the water for others.

  4. Anonymous - the first check I would put in is an activity check. Blizzard can see whether you have been pushing buttons or not. Have you been doing nothing? You should not be raiding.

    Second, I would love to see a learn to raid guide somehow somewhere in the game. A lot of people have no idea what to do in a 25man.

    Third, no, not hps or tps or dps...like I said, have people do a test. Not challenge mode dungeons mind you. And the test doesn't have to be diving off the deep end (to stay with Ratshag's imagery) but it should represent your role in a raid. No passing the test? No spoiling it for others.

  5. Mmm, yes and no. There's the dungeon guide which offers explanations of different abilities. However, it doesn't tell you the exact strategy of how to take down a boss in a raid. That should be the way it is.

    It's hard to develop some kind of measuring stick because there's going to be methods to cheat (or game the system).

    For me, I'll duck into LFR and play my ass off no matter what role. In a weird way, I find the challenge of players not knowing specific aspects and trying to power through and/or informing them somewhat rewarding.

    At least, sometimes. The rest of the time, I drown out my frustration with copious amounts of beer.

  6. I think that's a great idea. There are plenty of new players that avoid LFD (I've taken to calling it Looking For Douchebags), because it's so unwelcoming to people that are still learning. There is nothing worse than being afraid to ask questions or to just finish a run feeling relieved that you didn't fuck up too badly instead of ending on a positive note. I'm still learning to play- I don't suck on purpose! I really think that if there was some sort of repeatable quest where it asks players to test their skills on a practice dummy in order to que for dungeons, life would be much better for everyone. No more people grabbing gear that's not particularly helpful because it has a higher gear lvl. No more people showing up in PVP trash gear when they don't even PVP. No more newbies feeling like they just got thrown in a shark cage. It would be a lot better for everyone.

    On a side note, what ever happened to people being nice to each other? I've yet to see that on LFD.