Saturday, June 5, 2010

LF8M VoA25, need dps, full on DKs

This sort of message I see all too often going around in trade chat. And every time I see it, I wonder what it means that you're full on DKs. If you need dps, a DK can dps, right?

But I guess they're going by their own greedy self. If I were a DK, I wouldn't want to share my loot with too many others....

Silly people.

Lets say you go into ICC25, and you have, 2 Death Knights, 2 Ret Pallies, 1 ret pallie who's going as prot since you were short a tank but will roll on ret, and 2 warriors...

Within the group of 25 people you're rolling against 6 other people for your gear. But for some odd reason people are fine with it. In fact, this is still pretty good. There are quite a few raids where the cloth wearers roll against 10 or more people. Worse at times for token drops.

Yet, most raidleaders decide that when they go into VoA25 they cannot have this. They refuse to bring more than 3 of a certain class or so because of fear that they're rolling against people. They will hold up the raid for a long time sometimes, while they've had 10 or more whispers, just because they don't want to bring more of those classes.

I've once been in a raid where the raidleader kept holding off because he refused to bring more of the classes that he already had. This was at an ungodly hour for my server, and chances of him getting the classes he wanted were thin already. I was not doing anything special so I watched how it developed.

Well, he held off so long that by the time we had 23 players, the Wintergrasp battle was 15 minutes away and the raid disbanded.

Stop being silly people, and look at it rationally. You're going for badges, and if you happen to be so lucky that out of 10 class options, your gear drops, then you might just be lucky enough to win the roll against those 4 others as well. Just as in other 25s.


  1. For a raid with so many class specific drops I can understand why people don't want many of the same class.

    Suppose it also can depend on which server you come from too. My main is on Mal'Ganis, which is a huge (and I mean huge) horde server in terms of progression, trade chat moves so fast you can't even read it without a spam-control addon.

    Anyway on Mal'Ganis, it's quite normal to see VoA20 class runs instead of VoA25's. Only 2 of each class allowed. It may seem silly to some people, but there are so many people on that server, leaders can afford to be picky like that. And because the server is the #1 in terms of progression and pve content, the skill of pugs tends to be overall higher (when I compare it to other servers I've been on) so it's much easier to do a raid without the 5 extra people.

    While I wouldn't wait for an hour for a simple VoA raid to fill, I do always opt for the class-centric VoA10/20 runs whenever I see them. Its paid off for me as well, badges are nice, but a higher chance at armor is too! :)

    - Silly Mal'Ganis Priest

  2. I can see how that raid leader failed at just taking anything in the end, but here's how we do it:

    right after the reset you will see all kinds of voa's, seperated into 2 groups:
    - VoA25: a regular 25 man VoA, where the leader doesn't care about the classes.
    - VoA20: a "speciel" VoA raid with max 2 of each class. That means you'll have 20 people, 1 of each healing class, and 2 different tanking classes. Only pure dps classes will have to roll against 1 other person. Searching for those specific classes, like LF 1 Prot Pally, 1 Shadowpriest 1 Resto Shaman can take long, but the reward is at least 50% of getting the loot IF it drops. The downside is you're cutting 1 healer and 4 dps'ers from a bossfight with an enrage mechanic so you need good geared folks.

    You will only see these VoA20 in the first days. Not the last days, which is how you should do it. Sometimes you end up taking any class anyways because you don't find the people. Which is what that raid leader should have done. Going with 22-23 people was better than disbanding it.

    On the other hand, what's the point, the chance of getting loot is so low anyways. Well I got healing legs, shadow legs (don't use), warrior def gloves, warrior dps gloves, druid feral gloves and druid feral legs, all by doing VoA10CR and VoA20. So in the end, it does help.
    VoA10CR btw is a VoA20 raid with all 10 classes. Same principle, just a little easier to make.

    In the end it all comes down to: do you want to wait a little longer to increases your chance of getting loot?

  3. The only reason I know that Raid leaders do that in VoA is because most of the loot is Class specific. So if someone is there trying to get easy t10 of the Frost guy (the name escapes me at the moment) They won't want a bunch of the same class in with them. But your point is still valid that its better to actually go in and take your chances then to wait for the perfect raid makeup and not go in at all.