Thursday, March 18, 2010

Running Tanks Wahoo

So I've been at home a lot happens. But that also means I had time to actually run around on my hunter doing at least a random every day to get her her frost emblems. Generally it's not too bad, though I do find that the times I run at is a little bit late for most people...they get all emo and angry...must be sleep deprivation.

(sorry, frustration post coming up....)But seriously....wth is up with those running tanks? They pull, stuff isn't even half dead, and they run to the next group. Half of the healers I see in these dungeons cannot even keep up, and yet the tank keeps pulling.
But hey, I like a fast instance as much as anybody, so why would I complain, right? Well....when a tank pulls a big group I MD and use volley...

Every time the tank runs, the mobs run out of my volley and all I end up with is an empty manabar, a wasted misdirect and arrows falling on an empty patch of ground.

What is it tanks? Is it an honor question or something?

Just now I had a tank say that she hated aoe since it made her screen lag...well, really stop pulling all those big groups then, because if you want me to shoot them down one by one, you'll be dead because the healer will be oom. On top of that you're costing me money.

Yes, you heard that right, arrows cost money. And every time you silly tank pull them out of the aoe my arrows are shooting air instead of targets. And don't you even dare complain about people being low on dps, because half the time you've pulled it out of range of the caster and he has to spin up another 2 seconds cast time spell...

Really, just pull a nice group, stand still - kill, and then pull the next.

The other it a freaking honor question or so to not use CC? DPS loves to use their CC yaknow, so if you get to those two shitty pulls in Pit of Saron, feel free to CC one of the Flamebearers, really, we won't hold it against you. That wipe however that you cause with your tank pride, yes that we get grumpy about.

And no, even though we seem to have the fewest of you tanks around, this is not a free ticket to arrogance. Not at all, and if you do decide to be an ass, watch how fast you'll be stuck with groups where the dps hangs around 2K and those people will only stick with you because they cannot get better and grind their teeth through it.

Yes, we love our tanks, but really, nobody loves an ass.

So just be nice and do your job as you expect from everybody else in the group, instead of going all emoqueen and ragequit over someone asking you to please stop running with the mobs. I know it's bedtime for you when I play, but really, there is NO need to react like that.


  1. I think these days tanks think it is expected of them to go as fast as they can.

    Can be fun with an over geared healer. /shrug

    Gobble gobble

  2. You dare question a tank!? Bow low, mortal...

    I think a lot of tanks (players in general) are taught bad habits. We're so used to overgeared healers and DPS and being overgeared as tanks that we cannot that healer mana is not unlimited or that two DPS back drinking might actually cause a problem. Also tanks don't really have anything like an expensive channeled attack, so I doubt they realize how annoying it is to get mobs moved out of it. All I can suggest is holding off until you're sure the tank isn't going to run anymore.

  3. Tanks that do that are the same players as the dps who pull aggro. Its the player, not the role, and that is due to pressure from other bad players. All the tanks I respect will moderate speed to the circumstances, and despite the wasted time, you're better off leaving. A bad tank with no consideration will kill a group very quickly.

    That said, some tanks do actually have abilities that are proximity based: DK Death and Decay, and Pally Consecrate are safe areas to unload in AoE.

    As a regular tank on 3 toons now, I like a fast run; and will move toward the end of a fight; but only if I know that the threat will not be an issue.

  4. @ typhoon: "and that is due to pressure from other bad players." This is very true. Yeah it is fun to go fast for a tank. Also it keeps rage of for some of us. But a lot if it is that we have discovered it is a lot easier to pull when the healer is lowish, or the dps is behind a ways instead of stopping and letting that *#&$er of a dpser run ahead and pull something. So we start playing it safer and getting out in front of the pack. Of course for over geared and skilled tanks it is not an issue. They can pop cooldowns and do most fights without even a healer being there. But this pressure I think has gotten a lot of mediocre tanks in trouble. I don't know since I don't usually run as DPS. And I heal runs as a tree so I don't have an issue with running battles. I do hear a lot of blog complaining on this subject though. Since I don't get complaints when I am IN groups either people are talking about people that aren't me, or they just don't say anything. Honstly at the end of a fast run I get far more 'That was awsome! que again!' than I do people complaining. If someone asks to slow down I usually do. It almost never happens though.