Saturday, October 24, 2009

ToGC10 Down

We killed Anub on heroic mode today, wooot!

Started out the evening with clearing normal ToC 10 in 28 minutes, then moved on to the heroic version. Ran into some trouble at Twins (stupid globes) but got them down, and moved on to actually killing Anub!

We had 43 tries or so left as well, so we got the extra weapon in the chest. Next week on to having 45 or more attempts left :)

Moved on to Sarth3d to pick up another black drake. I think we're close to everybody in the group having one. And finally we did Ony, got the more whelps achievement there. Very very satisfying raid night.

I'll do a write up on some of the ToCheroic versions soonish, especially since we went looking for some tips and tricks for Anub and could find none of them. Sure we could find what was different, but nothing really helpful about the tactics in there.

This week I'll also try to post the final post in the Secret of Disc Healing series so busy writing week ahead. Stay tuned!


  1. Spot! Big gratz...we are stck at the faction chps...looking forward to the write ups

  2. Gratz !
    I had time to do ToGC10 this week-end, the 25-man was cancelled because of a lack of healers, and we had to pick-up a few poeple for our 10-man. The Twins gave us some hard time, and I can't wait for your guide on those. We didn't kill Anub, too much people not knowing the fight and it was late, but maybe tonight we'll finish him off, we have some 35 tries left...
    Gratz again for your achievement !