Sunday, October 18, 2009

About old Poetry and Blar

Been playing my troll shammie a little, and not feeling too woah about WoW. Not sure what it is, it might have to do with the fact that I had a trapped nerf in my shoulder last week that forced me to stay away from the computer a lot. It might also have to do with the fact that I actually went away and did RL stuff this weekend *gasp I know*.

Either way, I poked through some of my old writing. Nono, not old writing here. Older.
I used to write on a writing forum. I come there still...sometimes, but I write different stuff now, and when I do write I write for myself instead of posting it.

I even wrote a book once...well, yeah, I wrote it, but of course it never got published. Anyway, this old poem reflected really well what I was feeling in my head today while I was trying to decide whether I should follow the hallow's end craze or actually do stuff that I wanted to do.

I decided that it was stupid to do stuff that I didn't feel like doing, just because it was there...duh.

Blaaaarrr getting distracted and all over the place...poetry:

Marchin Ants

Into my ears, and out my mouth
Stamping feet, Crazy beat
Marching dance, flapping hands
Wanna flap the marching out
Think I’ll go outside and shout
Shout that I will so freak out
Freak out with the marching beat
Of thousand little stamping feet
Into my mouth, and out my ears
Gonna go and hide my tears
Hide and shout, please get out
Freaking hands, crazy dance
Flicking at the marching feet
Gotta break this friggan beat
Stamping beat, crazy feet
Out and in, and in and out
Maybe I should close my mouth
Close my mouth to scream and shout
Flailing hands, sickly dance
Shout my tears, and cry my ears
Cannot stop these crazy fears
Freaking out, better shout



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  2. Hahaha, ok, I had no idea what TL;DR meant so I looked it up on Urban Dictionary..really makes me wonder now, lol check it out...

    Recent blog:=- About old Poetry and Blar

  3. Actually I write poetry myself and I think it's quite good. The only thing I don't like is the last line which makes it seem so morally, childish.

    No lesson, just mood would make it better. Yet nice rhyme and good rhythm.

  4. The last line is me shouting to myself to stop it, and shouting at the ants.

    I should one day do a picture of this, would make for an interesting one.

    Recent blog:=- About old Poetry and Blar


    Or maybe not :-E

    Recent blog:=- About old Poetry and Blar