Thursday, July 8, 2010

Real ID - I challenge you!

I challenge everybody to google their own real name, their character name and a combination of both.

Let me know your reactions....


  1. No link between the two - the only place I can find 'me' is on my blog and that has no reference to my real name, only to my character.

  2. My character name returns a few results from guilds i've been in and my blog.

    My real name returns only two results which are actually me as to someone else with the same name. I knew about those exposures already.

    My reaction is .. meh. :-)

    Gobble gobble.

  3. I tweeted my reaction the moment I heard Blizz's plans: sell your Activision stock, ASAP.

  4. Facebook, a mention in a high school German competition, and twitter.
    Removing my character name and going to a white pages results in "There is 1 person with the name "" in the United States" I have no clue why I bothered to remove that.
    And what appears to be Arabic Facebook.

  5. I'm not a fair comparison, because I use my real name all over the place and make my characters' names known on my blog. ;) So I'm in the dead center of the target market for the RealID forums, and I'm actually much more likely to post there once this change goes live.

    (Besides, my name is so common it has a disambiguation page on Wikipedia: ;)

  6. . . . My picture comes up

  7. *sigh* apparently there are hundreds of people out there with my real name, and they are all better at doing something than I am.. I now feel so inadequate :P

    There were also lots of results for my real name plus character name(s).. so now I feel completely unoriginal too... :P

    I guess that's a good thing for me.. hope the same is true for everyone else.

  8. My real name comes up with a mountain of business contacts, linkedin, and all that sort of stuff. The mountain of business contacts is mainly because my company decided that it was a good idea to show off that they were hiring new personel...

    My real name also gives where I live (or the general area because the company I work for is fairly high profile), where I work, what I do for a living, etc.

    My character name gets a mountain of results as well. My blog has been around long enough to actually get quite a few results (yay, I guess). And since I have a fairly unique character name most of the armory links are mine that show up.

    The combination doesn't give anything new. I don't mind the WoW world knowing about my character stuff. I do mind them knowing about my real life stuff, or at least this easily.

    Also, I'm fine with future employers knowing that I play WoW (if they would not hire me because my hobby is gaming I would most likely not want to work for them), but I don't need them to know about everything on that side of my life.

    I'm still stuck on the question, Why?

  9. "Ratshag" comes up at the top of the list. And the bottom. And looks like everythings in between. Not surprisings, seeings how I's the only on in the whole armory.

    RL Avatar's name? Lots of buggers. Mebbe he's in there somewhere, I dunno. Oh, and a picture of Spike Lee. The hey?

    Google'em together? Nada. Just how I likes it.

  10. Googling my user name returns a bunch of my own content from various different sites.

    However, since I don't associate the two, googling my real life name returns absolutely nothing about me, at least not on the first two pages, which was all I bothered to look at.

    I'd rather like to keep it that way, I like having a self that only the internet knows, and a self that only the real world knows.

  11. My full name and my main's name, whether taken together or separately, do not come up with anything directly linked to me (not even my blog).

    My real name is fairly common, so the RealID thing should be a non-issue for me, right?

    Not so much. I'm less concerned about real threats to myself personally, than of the precedent this is setting and the bigger issue that Blizzard seemed to have this all planned, so I'm sure they were expecting this backlash, which to me says they obviously don't care.

    You can't tell me Blizz didn't know their playerbase wasn't going to like having their real names displayed on public forums. My employer has made me sign paperwork indicating that I would never post under my real name on public forums because such information could link back to the company.

    I'll no longer be using the forums, but at least I have my blog as an outlet. In the event I feel the need to give feedback directly to Blizzard about changes, I guess I'll be making GM tickets in game.

    Blizzard sold it's soul to Facebook to make a couple extra bucks. For this reason I am not using RealID.