Saturday, June 6, 2009

Glory of the Ulduar Raider - part II

Yay, we did Crazy Cat Lady this week, and as you can see at me proudly exposing the banner, we're currently realm ranked number one on strict 10 over at ^_^

Obviously that might change after this weekend, since we will be doing Naxx 25, but this is still something that makes me really proud of my guild. We have seriously earned this spot as well btw, since the second place had about 100 achievement points less. Go Furious Pantaloons!

This will be the second part of the guide to the meta achievement Glory of the Ulduar Raider.
Part I can be found here.

Defeat Mimiron after activating his Self-Destruct mechanism on Normal Difficulty.
To activate Mimiron Hard Mode you press the button behind him. He has quite a small agro radius so you can just wander around him and get to the button without difficulty.

This fight is all about control. You have to know him normal mode inside out, know his abilities inside out, and that is when you can start trying hard mode.

From pushing the button you have 10 minutes to kill Mimiron.

Periodically he puts out fires under the raid. Those fires will be put out after a while, but in the meantime they do quite a bit of extra damage if you stand in them. So you have to manoevre around the fires, and around all of his abilities.

On top of the fires and the timer Mimiron gets an extra ability:
Emergency Mode
InstantActivates a heightened response mode in emergency situations, increasing damage and health by 30%.
So all of his sub parts are getting their health buffed.

This fight is one of the harder ones to learn, but once you've got it down it becomes easy mode. We took a couple of raid lockouts to learn him, but ever since the first down he's been on farm since.

Here's a video of the hard mode, but there are many out there.

My group has not been ready to try this yet. It's not the hardest hard mode in Ulduar, but it's definitely one that might take a while to learn.

Destroy both of Kologarn's arms within 12 seconds and then defeat Kologarn on Normal Difficulty.
This is a DPS control achievement - you need to break both arms and then destroy Kologarn within twelve seconds.
  • Roughly 15% of his HP are lost with each destroyed arm.
  • You want to focus on destroying his right arm and DPSing the body until the body hits 35% health.
  • At that point, burn down the left arm until it's around 10% health, then switch back to the right arm and burn it down.
  • Be careful about AoE, since the hit boxes are so large it's easy to hit the body or left arm while DPSing the right arm.
Break the right arm, break the left arm, and destroy what little HP the body has left.

So far we have not managed to get this achievement. Our coordination is getting a lot better, and I'm confident we will have this achievement next week.

I Could Say That This Cache Was RareDefeat Hodir before he shatters his rare cache on Normal Difficulty.
This achievement comes down to understanding what the different abilities are that the NPCs are using.

There are 3 buffs to be gained from the NPCs:
  • Toasty Fire
    InstantWarms nearby friendly creatures, preventing the effects of Freeze and Biting Cold, and increasing Spirit by 4. In addition, your Spells and Ranged attacks have a chance to singe enemies. Toasty fire can be extinguished by falling ice or Flash Freeze.
  • Storm Power
    InstantCharges a nearby friendly target with lightning, increasing critical strike damage by 135% for 30 sec.
  • Starlight
    5 yd range.InstantEnvelops a location in starlight for 1 min, increasing attack and casting speed of friendly units within it.
To get the cache you have to kill Hodir within 3 minutes of engaging him. The only way to do this is to start working on learning the fight and use these buffs better and better. The singed debuff is very very important, and keeping this debuff on him will greatly increase your dps against him.

Even if you don't specifically work on this, the fight becomes a lot easier if you get to know and love the use of these buffs. And if you work on it a little every week you will progress towards this achievement naturally.

We are currently at about 4 minutes without specifically trying for this achievement, and just practicing on getting better at the fire debuff. I would like to say that we'll get it next week, but this one is not too high on our list to work on, since I know we can do it once we start working on it a little.

Stokin' the Furnace
Defeat Ignis the Furnace Master in 4 minutes on Normal Difficulty.
This is perhaps the easiest one of the meta achievements. Bring enough dps and you will get it. We didn't even try for it, and got the achievement just by doing the fight normally.

Our setup at the time was 3 healers, 2 tanks, 5 dps. Yes, only 5 dps.

Our tank was breaking the golems, so we didn't lose dps on this, but other than that just get good at keeping dps up on him while he's being moved around.

Also, in the first of these series I promised to get back on Crazy Cat Lady once we had done her. We did it this weekend, and got it first try. The healing needed is rather incredible, and I think my heartrate was about double of what it normally is by the end of it.

The damage that the raid takes is pretty enormous. We tried to do little aoe until we were sure it wouldn't kill the sentries anymore before she would go down. There were a few 'OMG moments' but we did it fairly easily.

Stay tuned for the third and final part of this guide.


  1. Shy means we ran Ulduar 25 last night, not Naxx25 ;) The strick ranking allows for naxx25 and OS25 achievements because that is completely puggable. Go FP! 8-)

  2. Oh hehe, oops. Been running too many alts around I guess >_< and yeah, they all run Naxx10/25 at times

  3. Hi !

    As I did some hard modes this week, I come here to give some feedback.

    For Hodir, the trick is to pack the raid behind the boss with the melee, including healers. This way, when someone got the crit buff, many people can benefit from it.

    I did Flame Leviathan and Iron Council too and will comment on the appropriate post.


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